Webinar Recap: KPIs Demystified

April 30, 2024

Our latest webinar showcased how to set goals and track the progress of KPIs in any given business. In the webinar, we demonstrated how to harness Fathom for better performance monitoring, while also answering viewers' questions during an engaging Q&A session. Read on to get the scoop. 

With the pace of today’s business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just keeping an eye on your company's performance—it demands proactive monitoring, insightful analysis, and strategic decision-making. Fathom is here to help, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline these processes and unlock valuable insights.

In this article, we'll cover the key takeaways from the recent KPIs Demystified webinar, which explored the process of effectively setting goals and tracking performance in Fathom. 

Setting the Foundation for Success

Establishing a solid foundation for performance monitoring begins with identifying the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with a business's overarching goals and objectives. This involves selecting metrics that are both relevant and actionable. Fathom offers a range of predefined KPIs that cover various aspects of business performance, from financial metrics like revenue growth and profitability to operational metrics such as customer satisfaction and employee productivity. 

Once the relevant KPIs are identified, the next step is to set clear targets or benchmarks for each metric. These targets serve as milestones on the path toward achieving business objectives. By defining realistic yet ambitious targets, businesses use these as motivation to strive for continuous improvement and excellence. 

In Fathom, you can create custom KPIs and targets based on specific business needs and industry benchmarks. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor their performance monitoring approach to suit their unique requirements and strategic priorities. 

Measuring and Tracking Progress 

With KPIs and targets in place, the focus shifts to measuring and tracking progress over time. Fathom's intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive view of key performance metrics, allowing users to monitor trends, identify outliers, and track progress toward goals. Users can easily adjust time periods and drill down into individual KPIs to gain deeper insights into performance drivers and trends. 

Fathom's KPI Explorer tool offers a dynamic way to visualise and analyse KPI data. By categorising KPIs based on importance and relevance, you can prioritise your analysis efforts and focus on areas that require immediate attention, meaning you can stay agile and responsive in a rapidly changing business environment. 

KPI Explorer

Enhancing Analysis and Reporting

Effective analysis and easily-digestible reports are essential for translating data into insights that drive informed decision-making. Fathom's platform offers powerful analysis tools for conducting in-depth analysis and generating actionable insights. From trend analysis to comparative analysis, users can gain a deeper understanding of performance drivers and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Whether it's a high-level executive dashboard or a detailed performance report, Fathom's reporting tools present data in a clear, concise, and visually engaging manner, meaning more people can grasp the story behind the numbers.

Additionally, Fathom's commentary feature allows you to add context and insights to your reports, so you can provide stakeholders with valuable information to promote meaningful discussions. This potent combination of analysis and commentary can make reports both informative and actionable.

KPI Numbers

Key Insights from the Q&A Session 

During the webinar's Q&A session, it was great to get questions from such an engaged audience about specific features and functionalities of Fathom. We've summarised the key points below. 

  • Activating both a budget and a target for a KPI: Yes, Fathom allows users to set both a budget and a target for a KPI, enabling comprehensive budget-to-actual comparisons. 
  • Setting alerts at the company level: Alerts in Fathom are set at the company level, allowing users to monitor performance indicators for each entity or group. 
  • Drilling into KPI results to understand the 'why' behind results: While Fathom provides historical data and context, understanding the 'why' behind results may require further investigation and collaboration within the business.
  • Integrating financial statements from multiple programs: Fathom seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB and Excel, allowing users to consolidate data from multiple sources and generate comprehensive reports. 
  • Copying custom KPIs, reports, and settings across companies: Fathom enables users to copy custom KPIs, reports, and settings across multiple companies, streamlining the setup process and ensuring consistency. 
  • Leveraging tracking categories (e.g., classes) in KPIs: Fathom's tracking KPIs feature allows users to create KPIs tailored to specific classes or categories, enabling customised performance monitoring for different departments or teams. 


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In the meantime, keep an eye out for more webinars from the Fathom team, to help streamline analysis, enhance reporting, and enable confident, data-driven decisions.


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