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Gain the insights you need for faster decisions and better results.


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Forget boring spreadsheets. Get insights at a glance with a range of visualizations which help you to make sense of your numbers.

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Access a range of charts and reports which help you explore results and share key findings to your team or client.

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Measure what matters

Your business is unique. So are your KPIs. Use the formula builder in Fathom to create KPIs which are relevant to your business.
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Track Profitability, Cash Flow, Growth and more...

KPIs analysis

Supporting explanations to understand what your numbers mean.

Profitability analysis

Visualise the breakeven point and the margin of safety.

Cash flow analysis

See cash inflows and outflows using the cash flow waterfall chart

Divisional analysis

Track the profitability of your divisions, departments, locations or other business units.


Understand the impact of changes to key business drivers.

Beautiful insights into your accounting data

Fathom integrates directly with leading accounting
platforms. Making it easy to get started, stay connected
and get more out of your data.
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