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Understand, share and improve the numbers that
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Metrics and KPIS

Measure the KPIs that matter

Smarter growth starts with the right metrics. Select from 50+ common financial KPIs or create your own KPIs for a comprehensive view of business health and performance.

Custom KPIs

Go beyond standard financial KPIs

Your business is unique. So are your KPIs. Use the formula builder in Fathom to create and track KPIs which are relevant to your business.


Software built for tracking your KPIs

See all your business KPIs in one view, and make it easy for your team to focus on the metrics that matter most.


Set, track, and achieve goals

Set goals for your KPIs, and track these in your reports. You can also access supporting explanations to help other understand what your numbers mean.

KPI features to power every business

Daily sync with online accounting systems
Add KPIs to your own KPI Library
Excel import and export of Non-financial KPIs
Assign importance to each KPI
KPIs for tracking categories & tracking classes
Define targets for each KPI
View KPI results for any month, quarter, quarter-to-date, year or year-to-date period.
Consolidate and benchmark KPI results with your other companies.

Track KPIs from your accounting software

Fathom integrates directly with leading accounting
platforms. Making it easy to get started, stay connected
and get more out of your data.
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