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Learn how Fathom’s Google Sheets integration gives you easy access to your operational data and a better picture of the whole business.
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Automatically sync key information from your HR, Marketing, Management systems and more. Get more out of your data with Fathom's powerful reporting, flexible cash flow forecasting and actionable insights.


Stay a step ahead

Ensure that every step forward is not slowed down by missed insights. Operational metrics can give you an early indication of the health of your business, before showing up on the financials.

Data at your fingertips

Build a bridge between data sources

Access thousands of data points from various systems, and combine them in a single view. Link to multiple sheets, or multiple accounts. Give different levels of access and measure the business metrics that matter most.

Kill the month end

Real-time insights for more informed decisions

Don’t get stalled by manual workarounds, clunky processes and endless data wrangling. With an automatic data sync, you create natural efficiencies and eliminate human error.


Streamlined processes for multi-entity groups

Save time and scale across the group, by centralizing the import of your operational data. One system, one source of truth.
“Love this platform. Ticks all the boxes, saves hours of time. Easy to use, but a very powerful tool.”
Victoria Efstathiou

Connecting your Google Sheets data is easy.


Quickly import your key metrics with our pre-built connector. Use your own template, or one of ours – the choice is yours.


Organize and view your data in the KPI grid, so you can measure the metrics that matter most to you.

View insights

Use the analysis tools to get insights from your Google Sheets data. Power and flexibility at your fingertips.

Move forward

Guide your clients or team through what’s happening in the business, with clarity and confidence to chart the best course forward.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I use this new integration to import financial data?
At this stage, Google Sheets won’t replace the Excel upload for financial data.
How many sheets can I connect?
You can connect multiple Google Sheets to one company. You can also connect to multiple Google accounts/domains.
Can I prevent Google account users from seeing everything in the sheet?
You can link to multiple sheets, ensuring that different stakeholders only have access to the data you want them to see.
How do I get started?
You can start with your own sheet. Alternatively, if you already have non-financial data in Fathom, you can use a Fathom-generated Google Sheet to streamline the process and ensure existing KPIs are linked.
How often does the sync work?
Automatic daily sync (once every 24 hours), or you can push an update manually whenever you need to.

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Whether reporting to investors, lenders or updating your management team, you'll always be prepared with Fathom.
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Deliver regular personalized reports to each franchisee, and keep everyone up to date on their most important business metrics.
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Advisor at Robertson Scannell
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Accounts Senior at Thomas Westcott
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