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Fathom combines insightful reporting, fast cash flow forecasting and actionable financial insights into one refreshingly easy business management solution.

Insights and analysis

Get in-depth analysis of your numbers and a clearer picture of your business performance.
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A great product, simple to use, even for people with no financial background.
Robin Joe Kong
Advisor, NBC

Measure what matters

Measure and monitor the KPIs which matter most to your business

Insights at a glance

Understand your business better with visual insights


Create custom management reports and share business results in a clear, compelling way.
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Bring together text, charts, tables and financial statements – in one simple-to-use editor.


Craft management reports for print or web – in minutes, not hours.


Put your reporting on autopilot. Schedule the delivery of timely reports.

Cash flow forecasting

Achieve clarity and confidence about your future financial results and what needs to happen to achieve your plans.
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Forecasting is absolutely world class. Incredibly powerful and incredibly valuable.
David Maher
Director, Right Brain Insights

Three-way cash flow forecasting

Accurately project P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow statements.

Look to the future, confidently

See the impact of your plans, and evaluate different scenarios.
Advanced features for groups


Effortlessly consolidate results for multiple businesses with speed, flexibility, and accuracy.
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Group benchmarking

Visually compare & rank your companies, clients or franchisees. Perfect for franchisees and head office.
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Loved by forward thinking businesses

Advisors, CFOs and business managers at companies of every size and industry rely on Fathom for their business reporting and planning needs.

Small business

Whether reporting to investors, lenders or updating your management team, you'll always be prepared with Fathom.
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Provide your clients with personalized reports which present their numbers beautifully.
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Deliver regular personalized reports to each franchisee, and keep everyone up to date on their most important business metrics.
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Sam Coverdale
Founder - Polperro Winery
Angelica Rickwood
Advisor at Robertson Scannell
Jamie Griffiths
Accounts Senior at Thomas Westcott

Integrate with QuickBooks in just a couple of clicks.

Connect Fathom to QuickBooks and move your business forward with powerful reporting, flexible cash flow forecasting and access to the right insights

QuickBooks Online provides smart accounting software for small business

In the cloud

It’s all online, so you can work when and where you want to.

Connect your bank

To stay up-to-date and enable easy bank reconciliation.

Collaborate in real time

Invite your team and work together to track business performance.

Your books done faster

Everything you need to run your business – including invoicing, bills, payroll and more.
“A game changer for businesses that are ready to propel their growth and profitability”
Tricia O'Connor
Founder, O'Connor CPA Firm

Frequently asked questions

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How do I set up Fathom QuickBooks integration?
Fathom QuickBooks integration can be done in just a couple of clicks. Connecting Fathom to QuickBooks can move your business forward with powerful reporting, flexible cash flow forecasting and access to the right insights.
What types of data can I integrate from QuickBooks to Fathom?
With Fathom Quickbooks integration you can pull a monthly profit and loss and balance sheet.

Fathom can also sync actual financial data by tracking categories from Xero. When it comes to budget, Fathom allows Xero users to import overall Xero budget and other budget file one at a time and Xero tracking categories budget.
Is my data secure when using the Fathom QuickBooks integration?
We understand that when you use Fathom, you are entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets: the financial data of your company or client. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We are in essence ‘caretakers’, looking after your financial data, in order to provide a service. We ensure that you have the controls necessary to manage access to your data.

Find out more about our stance on security. (
How often is the data updated in Fathom after integrating with QuickBooks?
With Fathom Quickbooks integration your company data can be automatically updated from your accounting system once every 24 hours before 8 am AEST.

However, if you made changes within the source, you don't need to wait for the next day to update your data in Fathom, instead, you can go to the company's step 1 and initiate a manual update by clicking the 'Update from Quickbooks' button.
Can I customize the way my QuickBooks data is presented in Fathom?
With Fathom you can restructure your chart of accounts.

This structure will be reflected on how we present profit and loss and balance sheet tables within reports and analysis tool.

You can also use a KPI table within report to create level of detail you want, you can select GL accounts, metrics and KPI to be included in the table.
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