Fathom Software Features


Whether presenting to a client, reporting to the bank, or updating your management team, you'll always be prepared with Fathom. Learn more

Report Editor

Intuitively craft management reports using a simple-to-use editor.

Content Library

Access a library of ready-to-use charts, tables and financial statements.


Bring your data to life with 90+ ready-to-use charts, and customise each of these.


Add observations or text to tell a story or call out important information.


Add placeholders to ensure that your reports are always referencing the latest numbers.

Report templates

Pick from a range of ready-made templates to jump-start your workflow.

Custom templates

Save your reports as templates, for easy re-use in the future.

Scheduled reports

Schedule the creation and delivery of timely reports.

Branded reports

Customise cover pages and reports to match your brand.

Financial statements

Present your financial statements in summary or detailed views.

Print & digital

Create reports which can be read on any device online, or offline in print.

Share access

Share access to reports and insights with anyone over email.

Access control

Control who can manage, view and edit reports with granular permissions.

Report storage

All your reports in one place. Access your reports at anytime, from anywhere.

Month, quarter, year

Create reports for any monthly, quarterly and annual reporting period.

Portrait or landscape

Fit each page of your report to either portrait and landscape page orientations.

A4 or US Letter

Layout report content to fit either A4 or US Letter paper sizes.

Export to Excel

Download your data as a Excel or CSV files, and download charts as images.

Export to PDF

Download your reports as PDF files.

Presentation mode

Share reports on the big screen in meetings or in online presentations.


Allow your team or clients to add comments to reports.

Variance reporting

Track ‘actual vs budget’ or ‘this year vs last year’.


Include cash flow forecasts and future projections in your reports.

Bulk edit

Perform operations on multiple report components at once (ie. duplicate, move or delete)


Automatically show positive or negative comments, based on the rules which you have set.


Stay up to date with report acitivity with in-app notifications.

Draft reports

Keep reports in draft mode until ready to share with your team or client.


Get a clearer picture of your business performance and in-depth analysis of your numbers. Learn more

KPI Analysis

Track the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter to your business.

Profitability Analysis

Understand your profitability, breakeven point and margin of safety.

Cash Flow Analysis

Visualise cash inflows and outflows to understand cash position.

Growth Analysis

Visualise the growth of your business over time by comparing growth metrics.

Trend Analysis

Chart financial and non-financial data over time, and add comparatives.


Perform scenario analysis and answer the 'How do we get there?' question.

Divisional Analysis

Analyse the performance of tracking categories, classes, locations, jobs or departments.

Variance Analysis

Compare performance to budget, target and prior period data.

Financial KPIs

Choose from 50+ financial KPIs and track performance against budgets or targets.

Non-financial KPIs

Import employee, operational or other non-financial data to track alongside your financials.

Custom KPIs

Use the KPI builder to create custom financial and non-financial KPIs.

Formula builder

Reference accounts, headings and other KPIs to define a KPI formula.

KPI alerts

Set alerts so you know when a result reaches exceed alert levels.

KPI library

Set up a central KPI library, so you can easily apply them to any of your companies.


Set KPI targets and evaluate performance and growth over time.

Monthly, quarterly, yearly

Perform analysis for any monthly, quarterly or annual period.


See the big picture by comparing multiple companies.


Rank multiple companies across KPIs to evaluate performance relative to peers.

Presentation mode

Share analysis on the big screen in meetings or in online presentations.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Fathom combines business planning with powerfully simple three-way cash flow forecasting. Learn more

Three-way forecasting

Get a 360 view of your forecast Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

Scenario based planning

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. 
Be prepared for anything in between.

Driver based forecasting

Create forecasts and budgets based on key operational drivers.

Rolling forecasts

A forecast that updates as often as your financials.

Business Roadmap

See the impact of your plans on business 
cash flow.


See an audit trail so you know where your numbers have come from.


Model specific events like hiring an employee or purchasing an asset.

Integrated reporting

Include your forecast and projections in your Fathom reports.


Add notes to your forecast to explain any assumptions you've made.

Long term forecasting

Forecast up to 36 months into the future.

Quick Start

Generate a three-way forecast with a single click using Smart Prediction.

Forecast from a budget

Easily create a new forecast from your existing budget or forecast.

Consolidated forecasts

Create forecasts for a group of companies.

View only access

Share access with internal and external stakeholders.


Effortlessly consolidate multiple entities with speed, flexibility, and accuracy. Learn more

Consolidated reporting

Aggregate financial statements for up to 300 entities.


Consolidate results from Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB or Excel.


Translate results from 95+ currencies into a single currency.


Apply inter-company eliminations to get an accurate consolidated view.


Make adjustments to consolidated results.

Custom exchange rates

Use default exchange rates, or specify your own.

Consolidated budgets

Consolidate budgets, then compare consolidated actuals vs consolidated budgets.

Side-by-side financials

Compare financial results in side-by-side tables.

Custom Chart of Accounts

Customise your consolidated chart of accounts.

Quick sync

Easily keep your consolidated group in sync with its subsidiary entities.

Consolidated reports

Build custom management reports for your consolidated group.

Group forecasting

Generate a three-way forecast for your consolidated group.

Non-financial consolidation

Also aggregate non-financial results for your consolidated group.
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