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Business Roadmap

Beautiful business planning

The business roadmap brings to life visual planning and cash flow forecasting, driven by comprehensive financial modelling.


Clever modelling

Whether it’s hiring staff or purchasing an asset, microforecasts make it easy to see the financial impact of any new initiatives.


Trust your numbers

Every figure in your cash flow forecast can be audited. Quickly drill down to see exactly where your numbers came from.


Lightning fast forecasts

Forget spending hours building cash flow forecasts that are soon out of date. Quickly get started using trends from your latest financials, or your existing budget.


Plan for every possibility

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and be prepared for anything in between.

Software built for cash flow forecasting

Rolling forecasts

Maintain live forecasts and never worry that your data is out of date.

Integrated reporting

Track planned vs actuals in your management reports.

Instant calculations

Instantly see the impact of your plans on your business's cash flow.

Driver-based planning

Create cash flow forecasts and budgets based on key operational drivers.

Comprehensive help

Access a comprehensive help centre and get answers, fast.

Frequently asked questions

Does Forecasting use the direct or indirect method?
Forecasts use the indirect method, helping you with long-term planning (up to three years in the future). Fathom offers monthly, quarterly or annual cash flow forecasts (not daily or weekly).
Is Forecasting included in all subscriptions?
Forecasting is included in all Fathom subscriptions. Fathom is a monthly pay as you go service with no contracts. Visit our pricing page for more information.
Can I import/transfer my cash flow forecasts from Excel or other Forecasting products?
Yes. Fathom allows you to link any cash flow forecast to an existing budget that you have in Fathom. Simply upload your existing cash flow forecast as your Fathom budget, then use our link to budget function to get started.
How do I get started?
There are three ways to get started:
a. Start from scratch and build a completely custom cash flow forecast.
b. Quick Start Forecast reads as much of your source accounting data as possible and quickly applies a linear regression to each account line, or;
c. Or link your cash flow forecast to an existing budget that you have imported into Fathom.
Can I create more than one cash flow forecast, or build different scenarios?
You have one main forecast. Using your main forecast along with associated assumptions and Microforecasts, you can change timing rules and value rules to create custom Scenarios. This allows you to visualise the best case and worst case outcomes for the business.
What is cash flow forecasting software?
Cash flow software is important for modern-day businesses looking to be intentional about how they run their business and giving them peace of mind and guidance to make important, strategic business decisions.

This essential tool is designed to help businesses predict their financial future, including their income and expenses, and measure how they are performing against their plans.

Watch our webinar: Cash Flow Forecasting Overview for Businesses for more on this essential business software.
What types of data can be used in cash flow forecasting software?
Fathom's cash flow forecasting software works with a number of different imported data sources, such as:
- Your financial data
- Your budget data
- Your non-financial data
Can cash flow forecasting software handle multiple currencies and locations?
Fathom's cash flow forecasting software is a multi-currency platform. It translates results from over 95 currencies
into a single currency.
Can I build cash flow forecasts for my consolidated group?
You can build forecasts for each individual company, or consolidated group. Each subsidiary forecast can be saved as a budget which can be aggregated to the consolidated level. You can then use this consolidated budget throughout the Analysis tools and Reports.
Can I invite others into Fathom to view my cash flow forecasts?
Yes. You can invite team members or clients into Fathom with view only access.
How can we compare our actual performance to our cash flow forecast?
Forecasting is fully integrated into Fathom Reporting. To perform variance analysis between your actuals and forecast, you can save your forecast as a budget.
How many years can I forecast into the future?
You can forecast the current financial year + 5 years (60 months) into the future.
Can I build cash flow forecasts for different divisions in my business?
Yes! You can import divisions (business units, departments, tracking classes) from your accounting system into Fathom. You can then build forecasts for a division.
How does cash flow forecasting software benefit businesses?
Fathom's cash flow forecasting software can help your business in the following ways:
- Achieve clarity and confidence about your future financial results
- Develop a greater understanding about what needs to happen to achieve your plans
- See the impact of your plans and evaluate different scenarios so you can plan for every scenario
- With live forecasts you'll never have to worry that your data is out of date
Can cash flow forecasting software integrate with accounting systems?
Fathom's cash flow forecasting software connects directly with leading accounting platforms, including:
- Xero
- QuickBooks Online
- QuickBooks Desktop
- Excel
- Google Sheets
- Access Financials UK

This will make it easy to get started, stay connected and get more out of your data. See all our integrations.
Does cash flow forecasting software provide real-time insights into cash flow?
With Fathom's cash flow forecasting software, you'll never have to worry about spending hours building forecasts that are soon out of date.

Fathom's cash flow forecasting software means you can quickly get started using trends from your latest financials. Fathom also includes rolling live forecasts that update as often as your financials, meaning you will never have to worry about using out of date data again.

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Fathom integrates directly with leading accounting platforms. Making it easy to get started, stay connected and get more out of your data.
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