Heavy-duty franchise reporting, made simple

Help your franchisees to track and improve business performance, and also gain head office insights.

Trusted worldwide for over 10 years

75,000+ businesses use Fathom to forecast, report and consolidate

See the big picture

Visually compare and rank your franchisees

Easily create your own benchmarks and see how each franchise is performing compared to peers.
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Track, monitor & improve franchise performance

Know how each franchisee is performing so you can assist underperformers and learn from best performers.
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management Reporting

Share results and keep everyone informed

Automatically deliver regular personalised management reports to each franchisee, and keep everyone up to date on their most important business metrics.
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group Reporting

Anonymise results for privacy

Show franchisees how they compare against other franchisees without revealing the identity of peers, or compare against identified peers.

Solutions for franchisees and franchisors

For Franchisees

Get the input that strengthens your business. Track results, hit budgets and move faster towards your goals.

Key Benefits

Be kept up-to-date on key metrics
Know how you compare against your peers
Get personalised management reports

For Franchisors

Gain head office insights and easily prepare reports that your franchisees will love.

Key Benefits

Visually rank, compare and benchmark all franchisees
Identify high performers and best practices
Deliver greater value to your franchisees

Seamless integrations

Fathom integrates directly with leading accounting platforms. Making it easy to get started, stay connected and get more out of your data.
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Trusted by leading franchises and groups

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“Fathom is a critical tool that allows us to get a complete view of finances across our entire franchise network.”
Connie Francis
Lawhorn CPA Group

Frequently asked questions

What is franchise reporting software?
Franchise reporting software is designed with franchises and groups in mind.

With franchise reporting software, all heavy-duty franchise reporting is made simple, helping your franchisees to
track and improve their business performance and gain insights for head office.
What types of reports can franchise reporting software generate?
With franchise reporting software, your reports will be:
- Visual: no more plain-text management reports!
- Automated: schedule in timely management reports to reduce manual work.
- Customizable: craft management reports that are fit for purpose.
- Flexible: either print or web - your choice.

Read more about our management reporting.
Can franchise reporting software accommodate different franchise models?
Fathom's franchise reporting software is suitable:
- For Franchisees: to get the input that strengthens their business
- For Franchisors: to gain head office insights and easily prepare reports for franchisees
How does franchise reporting software benefit franchise businesses?
With Fathom's franchise reporting software, you will:
- See the big picture: visually comparing and ranking your own benchmarks.
- Analyze with ease: by tracking, monitoring and improving franchise performance.
- Create transparency: through the sharing of results that'll keep everyone informed.
Can franchise reporting software integrate with existing systems used by franchisees?
Fathom's franchise reporting software integrates with the following systems:
- Xero
- QuickBooks Online
- QuickBooks Desktop
- Excel
- Google Sheets
- Access Financials UK

This will make it easy to get started, stay connected and get more out of your data. See all our integrations.
How does the software handle data privacy and security across franchises?
We understand that when you use Fathom, you are entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets: the financial data of your company or client. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We are in essence ‘caretakers’, looking after your financial data, to provide a service. We ensure you have the controls necessary to manage access to your data.

Find out more about our stance on data privacy and security.
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