Track business performance
at a glance

Comprehensive financial intelligence, performance reporting,
dashboards and consolidations.

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Turn your accounting data into accounting intelligence

Fathom integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB & Excel data to provide insightful, beautiful reports & dashboards.

Fathom Integrations

Business insights, like
never before

Metrics and insights for informed decision making.

KPIs & Metrics

Measure and monitor the metrics which matter most to your business.


Forget boring spreadsheets. Get insights at a glance.

Divisional Analysis

Track and monitor the performance of each business unit.


Track and monitor the performance of a group of related companies.

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Beautiful reporting
starts here

Craft captivating, insightful and customised reports in double-quick time.

Custom reports

Craft reports with flexibility and complete design control.


Choose from a range of
ready-to-use charts, graphs and visualisations.


Tailor the presentation of your data using tables and financial statements.

Scheduled reports

Schedule the creation and issue of timely reports.

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  • “Fathom takes complicated financial data and creates a visual reporting experience that’s meaningful and easy to understand for business owners.”


    Jeremy Allen, Founder, System Six

  • “The Fathom interface is inspiring… just how intuitive the system is, the animations, the graphs that take you through the storyline of all your data.”


    Hayden Cox, Founder, Haydenshapes

  • “For any dashboard or key performance indicator we set up — BOOM — now I have beautiful reports with amazing, clear data.”


    Jason Burke, Founder, The New Primal

  • “With Fathom, we can give our clients key business insights, in a way they have never had access to before.”


    Dave Willson, CEO, Zenkeep

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