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How MAP provides clients with better insights

How MAP provides clients with better insights
MAP offers a highly experienced finance function exclusively to digital creative agencies so they can increase their growth and profitability.
How MAP provides clients with better insights
Accounting & Bookkeeping, Advisory services
20 – 50 employees
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Clients needed more timely data

Specialising in digital creative agencies, MAP were looking for a better way to present financial information to their clients that went beyond a standard Xero report. They also wanted to dig deeper into the data, and offer highly detailed strategic advice, insights and direction. With many clients seeking regular contact and up-to-the-minute reports on the execution of that advice, MAP wanted to build on being a strategic financial partner to their clients by offering specific expertise. “Our clients are curious and keen, but often lack financial literacy,” says MAP’s Managing Director, Paul Barnes.

Fathom helped MAP become a trusted partner for their clients

The graphical nature of Fathom’s reports proved highly popular with MAP's clients, and being able to present data visually was much more impactful. For the team, having flexibility in the design of graphs and charts for the point they’re trying to present, was a big win. On top of this was the ability to interrogate far more data in new and exciting ways. As clients grew to understand their numbers and implement strategies, they began asking deeper questions, and the team used Fathom to answer those. “We always aim to up our game and add more value for clients,” says Paul.
"We use Fathom extensively for management accounting. We have one template and use it across all organisations."
Paul Barnes

Clients now understand their business better

MAP can now present detailed monthly management reports to their clients that contain actionable insights. Not only that but Fathom’s custom templates and benchmarking mean this can all be done at scale. And with the addition of Forecasting, that’s got even better. MAP can now model desired scenarios visually and in a way that clients understand. The upshot is clients get great advice and MAP solidifies their position as the go-to strategic advisor for the sector. “This is why the partnership works; if they didn't care, they wouldn't listen to us when we're giving advice. And if they had the knowledge, they wouldn't need us. But because they do care, but they don't have the knowledge, there's just a really good, respectful, mutual relationship” says Paul.

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