A summary of the notable industry events in early 2024 across regions.

Learn how scenario planning can help businesses to identify potential risks, stay agile, and build resilience into their growth plans.

Meet Amplify founder, Ben Cooper, and hear how he is using Fathom’s forecasting tool to accelerate his clients’ business.

Introducing Forecasting in Fathom for businesses, letting you make the most of your numbers

See the impact of a new hire on your business financials

Robin Johnson from Tax Assist uses Fathom as part of his advisory offering to compliance clients

Grant Greeff is the CFO of the Drone Ops Group, based in South Africa. Six months ago he deployed Fathom as part of an overhaul of the group’s financial function. In this customer catchup he tells us how Fathom got to work instantly in improving the business.

Hear how Fathom helped Petworld in South Africa get a handle on their numbers when COVID-19 hit, and how they acted on analysis to aviod a crisis

Consolidation is one of the most powerful features of Fathom. Watch our webinar to find out how it can work for you.

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