Expert Series
Tyler Caskey
Consolidations masterclass: Automate a report in 10 minutes
Tyler Caskey CA, Partner at TheBeanCounters, delivers a masterclass in how to automate consolidated reporting and produce a report in under 10 minutes.
Ryan Lazanis
5 steps to scale and delegate advisory services
Ryan Lazanis, CPA and CEO of Future Firm, unpacks his proven 5-step process for scaling advisory services and building a profitable firm that balances the firm owner’s goals with clients’ needs.
Tori van der Donk
How Aegis optimise Fathom to deliver advisory services
Learn how to optimise Fathom for advisory services with Tori van der Donk, CA, founding partner of award-winning firm, Aegis.
Keila Hill-Trawick
Big impacts for small business: Helping clients crack the code
Keila Hill-Trawick, CPA, MBA, founder of Little Fish Accounting, shows how she makes accounting information accessible to small business owners to make a big impact on business performance.
Patrick Ball
Reports with impact: Scaling insights for clients
Aprio’s Patrick Ball, CPA, shares how they’re using Fathom to scale the delivery of reports and insights to clients nationally. Aprio is the fastest growing accounting firm in the US.
Geni Whitehouse
Make an impact: Practical tips for high value engagement
Top 100 Accountant and CPA, Geni Whitehouse shows how she uses Fathom’s analysis tools to open up client conversations and visualise business levers easily onscreen.
Dimitri Matsouliadis
Cash flow and profitability: 3-step process to help clients
Dimitri Matsouliadis, shares a simple 3-step process to help clients understand profit and cashflow to improve business performance.
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