Reports with impact: Scaling insights for clients



Patrick Ball is a CPA and Senior Manager at US accounting firm, Aprio.  Patrick’s team use Fathom to deliver financial insights and monthly reports to hundreds of clients nationally.  

Whether you’re scaling reports for 5 clients or 100 hundred clients, Patrick shares valuable practical tips, learnings, and key processes for setting up standardised processes, improving efficiency, and setting up good foundations.  

Patrick shows Aprio’s standard client report on screen and explains how they’ve tailored their report template to create better impact for the clients they serve.  

We also find out how he has brought his team along on the implementation journey.  

A Top 100 Firm (Accounting Today, INSIDE Public Accounting), Aprio is the fastest growing accountancy firm in the US per Accounting Today. Aprio is a premier, full-service business advisory and certified public accounting firm.  

BONUS: Watch Fathom’s Product Education Manager, Calen, expand on Patrick’s tips for implementing Fathom's report scaling features. See below.

Learn how to

  • How Aprio have implemented standardised processes to deliver monthly client reports more efficiently.
  • How Patrick’s team set up good foundations for scaling reporting and insights (eg. standardised chart of accounts).
  • About Aprio’s two reports: (1) standard report with analytics tailored to clients’ needs, and (2) customised advisor’s report to guide deeper client conversations.
  • How Patrick empowered his team to use Fathom.

Product walk-through

Dive deeper into Fathom

Calen takes you deeper into Fathom to showcase Patrick’s processes. Calen’s tip: Once you've set up a client or company in Fathom, you can quickly set up additional companies by copying over custom KPIs.

About your presenter
Patrick Ball

Patrick Ball, CPA, is a Senior Manager with Aprio’s national dental practice. Building a career across small business, private equity and technology, Patrick has focused his last five years specialising in serving dental and healthcare professionals.  

Patrick is passionate about supporting clients in their financial growth and strengthening the Aprio dental team with dedicated work on process improvement and automation development. Outside of work, Patrick spends time with his wife and children, boating, golfing or solving puzzles. 

Connect with Patrick via LinkedIn if you’d like to find out more.  


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