How Aegis optimise Fathom to deliver advisory services



Compliance services are vital. But did you know with Fathom you can offer more value to your clients with advisory services?

Tori van der Donk, CA, is the founding partner of award-winning Australian accounting firm, Aegis Business Services. Tori is one of Ignition’s Top 50 Women in Accounting and a member of Xero’s Partner Advisory Council (2018-2023).

In this down to earth interview, Tori shares her approach and practical steps to transition clients from tax compliance services to advisory services.  

Tori highlights the importance of:  

  • understanding client needs  
  • demonstrating value through visual tools like Fathom
  • addressing the challenges of clients’ perceptions and your team’s skills.

Tori shares on-screen how she quickly prepares for a client meeting (pre-work) as well as which Fathom analysis tools and visualisations she uses to guide client conversations.  

We cover Aegis’s advisory tech stack and ask one of our favourite questions: What should accountants be talking more about?

In this video you'll learn

  • How to start conversations with new clients: Understand their business and demonstrate value with Fathom’s interactive tools.
  • Aegis’s process for introducing advisory services to existing clients: pre-work to understand the client's needs, initiating conversations about business performance, and follow-up discussions.
  • How Aegis use Fathom for advisory: Tori’s preferred analysis tools and visualisations plus modelling scenarios for business decisions.
  • Tori’s learnings and strategies: Addressing clients' immediate concerns, speedy pre-work, plus Tori's secret tip for optimising the consolidations feature.

Product walk-through

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Tori van der Donk

Tori van der Donk, CA, is the founding partner of Aegis Business Services and is passionate about the accounting industry.  

Tori was a member of the Xero Partner Advisory Council (2018-2023) and one of Ignition’s Top 50 Women in Accounting (2019).  Her award-winning firm, Aegis, recently received the 2022 Best Professional Services Business and Women in Business awards.  

Tori is a former civil engineer and sole trader among other professional experiences. She’s a wife and mother of two, a new nanna, and sings in a highly talented all-female acapella choir.  

Reach out to Tori via LinkedIn here.  


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