New: An Updated KPI Library Experience

February 28, 2024

Get up to speed with the latest Fathom product news. Here’s a quick wrap-up of the features we’ve recently released.

Enhanced KPI Library

Do you have a custom KPI you want to use across multiple companies? Would you like to sort through or organise your KPIs? Need to duplicate or delete multiple KPIs? 

KPI Library – General

The KPI Library is key in sharing custom KPIs between companies and using them in consolidated and benchmark groups. With our most recent update, the Fathom Development Team has streamlined the KPI Library and enhanced its functionality. There is a new KPI creation workflow and several features have been added.  

Bulk Actions

You can now select up to 50 KPIs and perform actions, such as: 

  • Duplicating KPIs 
  • Deleting KPIs 
  • Moving KPIs to another folder in the KPI Library to better organise your custom KPIs 
KPI Library – Bulk Actions

Search, Sort & Filter

To help you quickly find a custom KPI you’ve created, there is now a search option at the top of the KPI Library.  

KPI Library – Search Sort Filter

You also have the option to sort your KPIs alphabetically, by KPI type, and by the number of companies using the KPI. If you want to filter the list of KPIs to only view specific ones, then you can also filter the list by type and if the KPI is in use by any company. 

View Details

If you find a KPI in the Library and want to know more about it, you can view the KPI’s details and see which companies are currently using the KPI.  

KPI Library – View Details

Accessing the new KPI Library 

The KPI Library can be accessed by Admin-level users. Currently, the updated KPI Library is in beta testing. To turn on beta testing for your Fathom organisation, you’ll need to go to the Organisation Settings. 

You’ll find the option to turn on Beta features in the Organisation Profile.

KPI Library – Turn on Beta-1

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