How Fathom helps clients achieve their goals through meaningful relationships

January 9, 2018

We recently caught up with Jeremy Allen, founder and CEO of System Six, a strategic bookkeeping service helping high performance entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Jeremy has an unparalleled passion for helping his clients succeed, which is why they turn to him for a precise analysis of their business financials.

Jeremy and his staff work strategically with their clients, such as Pure Barre Seattle, to streamline their bookkeeping process and analyse their financial data.

"Fathom is easy to implement for each client and is deeply customisable, allowing reports that are specifically custom-tailored for clients to be meaningful for them"

Meaningful advisory relationships

Without a doubt, the most valuable thing that firms can bring to the table for their clients is their ability to ask critical questions, especially when it comes to a client’s finances. Fathom's business insights and financial reports provide Jeremy with all of the tools he needs to answer his client's critical business questions.

"Fathom takes complicated financial data and creates a visual reporting experience thats meaningful and easy to understand for business owners."

Jeremy maintains a strong advisory relationship with his clients, ensuring that they have a deep understanding of their business finances and opportunities. He focuses on creating a visual process of the necessary steps to improve business performance.

Fathom automates business analytics, which allows Jeremy to prioritize his time on strengthening his client relationships. Giving him the opportunity to deliver his true value as a business coach and trusted advisor.

"We've chosen the Fathom tool because it allows us to very simply serve our clients with great reporting and focus the majority of our time on the relationship with our clients, and that matters to us."

The right tools

Business owners are in need of the advice and expertise that accountants and bookkeepers have to offer. With the advisory profession's continuing growth, the tools to support it are vital in maintaining a meaningful relationship as a trusted advisor.

Fathom provides insightful dashboards, analytics and performance reports for advisors and business owners, all the tools needed to enhance your client-advisor relationship.

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