New: Aged Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Reporting in Fathom

May 27, 2024

Fathom’s new Aged Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (Aged AR/AP) reporting feature allows Xero and QuickBooks Online users to stay on top of cash flow, debtors and creditors – keeping you informed and prepared for any scenario.

Manage your cash flow better

By visualising AR/AP insights in Fathom, you’re able to better understand the timing of your outstanding payables and receivables, indicating when to follow up customers or prepare for upcoming cashflow impacts. This feature pulls in outstanding invoices from your source accounting software (Xero or QuickBooks Online) with attached customers and suppliers.  

Identify top debtors and creditors

From source accounting invoices, balances are created, aged by days since the invoice date or due date. You’ll see when you’re owed money and from whom, including overdue receivables, so you can prioritise collections and payments and minimise overdue balances.

One report that covers it all

With the addition of Aged AR/AP reporting, you can avoid piecing together reports from various sources and get your stakeholders all the information they need in one place. Create a comprehensive Fathom report that provides a full picture of performance, including Aged AR/AP charts and tables.  

The beautiful, functional design you expect from Fathom

Beautiful design is a point of pride for Fathom and Aged AR/AP reporting components are the latest illustration of that ethos. Get Aged AR/AP information in true Fathom style: visual, clear, easy-to-understand insights that can be added to reports and customised for your audience.  

Fathom’s unique Aged AR/AP chart allows users to assess payables and receivables as an ongoing strategic KPI. For example, aiming to keep non-current AR or AP under a certain percentage.

How Aged AR/AP tracking improves your reporting

  • QuickBooks Online and Xero users can directly import AR/AP data and add two new components into Fathom reports.  
  • Stay up to date with invoicing, using the latest data in your source system. Once you’re set up in your source software, you’ll be set up in Fathom, too.
  • Easily identify debtors and creditors who are most overdue, to improve prioritisation of collections and payments.
  • Get a better understanding of past, current and future cash position.  
  • Create financial reports for aged payables and receivables across custom time periods.
  • Tactically assess payables and receivables using Fathom's unique Aged AR/AP chart. For example, targeting a maximum non-current amount and aiming to keep AR or AP under that percentage.

Aged AR/AP Reporting – now in beta testing in Fathom accounts

Fathom users with QuickBooks Online or Xero files can now activate Aged AR/AP insights in Fathom, using invoice data directly from your source accounting system.  

While this feature is still in beta testing, you can be among the first to use Aged AR/AP reporting by enabling the beta features through your 'Organisation Profile' in Fathom. (If you cannot see this option in settings, the Administrator for your Fathom account can organise this for you.)

Aged Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable data can be added under Step 1 of Settings, Update Data.  

When you're ready, you can add Aged AR/AP charts and tables to reports by selecting ‘Accounts Receivable’ or’ Accounts Payable’ in the Charts tab, or ‘Receivables & Payables’ in the Tables tab.

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