New: Five-Year Forecasting and Enhanced Report Commentary Flexibility

January 30, 2024

Fathom's newest forecasting feature allows you to extend your forecast up to five years, with all your existing rules and assumptions seamlessly carried forward. Learn how this can cater to your business needs and investor requirements.

At Fathom, our customers are the core of our growth. We serve over 75,000 businesses worldwide and the feedback and insights they provide help guide our product development. Thanks to our customers for the input you've had on this latest feature release!

Extend your forecast to five years

Applying for a bank loan? Presenting your business plan to potential investors? Or do you simply want to forecast further into the future? 

In response to our customers’ needs and requests, Fathom’s developers have added the option to extend your Fathom forecast.  

5YF Extend Button

By default, you can forecast the current financial year plus three years, but many banks and investors ask for five years of forecast data. You now have the option to extend your Fathom forecast so you can forecast the current financial year plus five years.

5YF Activated

If you extend your forecast, all the rules and assumptions you currently have set up will automatically be carried forward into the future for your main forecast and scenarios. You can then use all of Fathom’s forecasting features, like microforecasts, in the additional forecast years. 

Multi-level lists in reporting

Bullet points and numbered lists help break up blocks of text and commentary in reports. They allow you to summarise complex explanations into highlights and focus your audience’s attention on key findings or questions.

Multi Level Lists

In Fathom reports, we’ve expanded the flexibility of lists by allowing for multiple levels. So, you can add subpoints, sub-subpoints, and sub-sub-subpoints to your bulleted and numbered lists.  

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