New: Easier sharing, sticky headings for online reports, and forecasting improvements

October 6, 2022

For some time now, you’ve been able to show forecasted results for your financial KPIs in your Fathom trend charts. We’ve brought that capability to your KPI Trends tables as well!

Share your custom tables and financial statements with ease

Sharing KPI and table

If you spend time creating a custom financial statement or KPI table, then you may want to share it across companies and groups in your Fathom organisation.

Previously, when a report containing a custom table was shared between companies, the table would not appear in the report if it contained individual accounts or headings or custom KPIs. 

We've made some updates to ensure your custom tables will be included in reports that are shared between companies or groups.

  1. If custom KPIs have been added to a KPI table, Fathom will match those KPIs across companies if they are added to the KPI Library.
  2. If an account or heading has been added, Fathom will match accounts and headings across companies based on the account or heading name. 
  3. If a custom KPI or Chart of Accounts line item cannot be matched, the table will still appear in the report. Any unmatched line items in the table will simply be hidden.

It's a great opportunity to take some time to perfect your custom KPI table or financial statement. Now, when you share a report containing custom tables with other companies and groups, your hard work will be replicated.


Sticky headings for online report viewing

Sticky headings

When scrolling through a table in an online report, you want to be sure you’re accurately reading the table and understanding what each column represents. With our “sticky headings” enhancement, the column headings in a table will follow you as you scroll through an online report until you reach the end of the table.

This makes it easier to follow along and conduct meetings with an online report as you won’t need to scroll back up to double-check a column heading.


Improvements to forecasting on future accounts

Merge future account

Future accounts enable you to forecast for future projects and events that do not yet have an account on your Chart of Accounts. If you’d like  to create a scenario that includes a new loan, a new purchase, or both, you can add future accounts for those loan and asset values.

While future accounts have been available since forecasting was released, we’ve made enhancements to the merging process. If your new loan, asset, or other event comes to fruition, then you’ll be creating an actual account in your Chart of Accounts to represent that business decision. Once this actual account is created, you’ll want to merge it with the future account. 

The enhancements now outline exactly which forecast values are kept in the merging process, making the transition from future account to actuals account more seamless. You also gain some flexibility in choosing to maintain the baseline forecast values of the actual account or override them with the planned forecast values of the future account.

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