New: An additional financials layout, control over residual drawdowns, a sleeker import experience

November 8, 2022

Get up to speed with the latest Fathom product news. Here’s a quick wrap-up of the features we’ve recently released.

A new Balance Sheet layout option

You may have noticed some changes to the order of Current and Non-Current Assets on your Balance Sheet. 

Balance Sheet Layouts Analysis

After reviewing financial reporting guidelines, our team chose to standardise the order of the Assets and Liabilities sections. Previously, the A - L = E layout listed Non-Current before Current Assets, while the Liabilities section displayed the opposite order. We updated the A - L = E layout, so the Assets section matches Liabilities and lists Current before Non-Current. 

A few of you have let us know you preferred the previous setup with Non-Current Assets shown before Current Assets. We've given you access to both layout options in response to their helpful feedback. 

You can select the newly updated A - L = E (Current, Non-Current) or the previous A - L = E (Non-Current, Current) as Balance Sheet layouts in the Analysis tools and Reports.

More flexibility for residual drawdowns

With timing profiles, you can easily forecast future impacts on Accounts and Accounts Payable from the Profit & Loss. But what about the residual AR and AP balances already sitting in those accounts on the Balance Sheet?

Residual drawdown toggle

Fathom applies your selected timing profiles backwards to automatically draw down the AR and AP amounts and incorporate them into your forecast. 

You let us know you want more control over your forecast and would like to turn off these automatic residual drawdowns. Now, you can turn off the AR and AP drawdowns in the Forecast Settings.

Turning them off gives you more flexibility and control over those amounts, and you can draw them down manually through custom journals and schedules.

New UI for importing non-financials from Excel

You may remember our Google Sheets non-financial integration released about six months ago. We've also given some attention to the Excel non-financial import option with a sleeker, more intuitive interface. 

Excel NFKPI Import

Your Excel non-financial KPI import templates do not need to change and will still work. The import and update process for non-financials from Excel simply has a more stylish appearance, thanks to our design and development teams. 

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