Proven Processes and Tips to Try in 2024

December 13, 2023

Launched in August 2023, Fathom's Expert Series is designed to dig deeper into the processes and practical tips for using Fathom to confidently solve problems, provide clarity to clients and enhance business performance. Dive into the series and start 2024 on the front foot.

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Episode 1

Get practical tips from Dimitri Matsouliadis CA, who shares how his firm, Hailston & Co, use financial visualisations and a simple three-step process to help clients better understand profit and cash flow, enabling decisions that enhance business performance.

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Episode 2

Top 100 accountant, Geni Whitehouse, demonstrates how she uses Fathom to engage clients. We step through her proven process and tools, including how she uses Fathom’s Goalseek tool in prospecting meetings and a downloadable version of her ‘Strategies to Action’ spreadsheet.

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Episode 3

Patrick Ball, CPA and Senior Manager at the fastest growing US accounting firm, Aprio, talks all things financial reporting, with impact, at scale. Patrick shares his insights and tips on how Aprio uses Fathom to deliver financial insights and customised reports each month to hundreds of clients.

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Episode 4

Discover how Little Fish Accounting, led by Keila Hill-Trawick, CPA, MBA, demystifies finance for clients. Learn how the team 'crack the code', as Keila shares three success tips and showcases easy wins using Fathom for impactful management reporting.

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