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Fathom's guide to business KPIs

September 30, 2020

From ebooks to webinars to blog posts, we’ve some great resources about how to use  KPIs to drive businesses forward. 

What are good KPIs for my business?

KPIs are crucial for measuring how your business or clients’ businesses are performing. Done right, they let you spot warning signs early, as well as highlight areas for further growth. 

KPIs in Fathom help to track both financial and non-financial performance, but which ones should you select? Well, that depends on a huge number of things, from what sector or industry you're in to what's important for the business at the moment. Whatever the answer, we've got you covered below...

KPIs for creative agencies

Creative agencies include advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and creative strategists. If you're one or are working with one these are the 11 KPIs you should be tracking.

11 Essential KPIs for Creative Agencies

KPIs for nonprofit businesses

Nonprofit organisation includes everything from global charities to local community groups. If that sounds like you or your clients these are the KPIs you need to monitor.

6 KPIs Every Nonprofit Should Track and Why

KPIs for hospitality businesses

Restaurants, bars and cafes have a a difficult time recently, here's the KPIs you need to keep an eye that can help get back on top of things.

Service please! How accountants can help hospitality clients

KPIs for small businesses

SMBs are the life blood of many economies, and  so here's the essential KPIs they should feature in their management packs to investors, shareholders and senior management.


KPIs for start-ups

If you’re a start-up, or have start-up clients, our ebook produced in partnership with  funding experts, Seedstars, details exactly what you should track and why.


How to use KPIs in Fathom

Step four of adding a company in Fathom is to set KPIs, both financial and non-financial. You can read how to do that on our support pages.

step 4 adding KPIs

The KPI Explorer

The KPI Explorer is handy for giving you an overview of the performance of all of your KPIs - in one simple view.

step 4 adding KPIs

KPIs demystified 

Still confused about KPIs? Then we’ve more on using them in Fathom to set goals and track progress in this short webinar.


Streamlining your KPIs

KPIs are only useful if their up to date and relevant so this blog post shows you new ways to streamline your Formula KPIs


Your KPIs, covered by Fathom

So there we have it, pretty much everything you need to know about using KPIs in Fathom with your clients or your own business. If you feel we've missed something our or if you need help and advice on anything specific, get in touch with our support team or reach out to us on social media. 


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