Unwrapping the Digital Accountancy Show 2024: Fathom's Highlights

April 24, 2024

The curtains have closed on another exhilarating chapter of the Digital Accountancy Show (DAS) 2024. Spread across two days with more than 3,000 attendees, 200 speakers, and 160 vendors, it was the largest the event has ever been; leaving behind a trail of ground-breaking insights and industry-shaping discussions.  

Join us as we rewind the tape, unpack our highlights, and distil the essence of DAS 2024.

Fathom’s Key Takeaways

The event promised to be a front row seat to the future of accounting and finance and did not disappoint. Throughout the two-day event over 120 sessions took place across nine stages and rooms, covering a range of thought-provoking topics. Below, we have summarised our key takeaways.  

Artificial Intelligence
As expected, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into accounting procedures emerged as a dominant topic, reflecting its rapidly evolving significance in the field. Event speakers emphasised AI's potential to enhance the accounting landscape by automating mundane tasks.

This transition holds the promise of liberating precious time, enabling accountants and bookkeepers to channel their energies into the facets of their profession that inspire them the most.

One session that truly stole the spotlight was day two's session "The Future of Accounting & Finance in the Digital World." Hosted by Alastair Barlow, featuring a powerhouse panel including Pete Everett, John Toon, and Alex Bond Burnett. They dissected the disruptive forces shaping our industry, the importance of delivering value and insight, and could not avoid the buzz around AI that echoed throughout the event.

Making the tech work for you

Throughout the show, a central theme resonated across nearly every speaker session and numerous discussions at vendor stands: the essence of accounting lies in reconnecting with the passion that initially drew individuals to the industry.  

For countless accountants, this essence revolves around empowering small business clients to realise their full potential, prioritising the cultivation of relationships, and delivering that indispensable human touch.

On day two Fathom’s Country Manager, Darren Glanville, took to the stage for a Fireside Chat titled 'Forget the tech: Building the firm of you', alongside Cheryl Sharp and Stephen Paul. This session proved to be a treasure trove of insights into crafting advisory offerings that harmonise seamlessly with one's vision, objectives, and sense of purpose. The panel advocated for:

  • Ensuring that technology facilitates accountants in fulfilling their original objectives
  • Understanding that technology should serve as an enabler rather than a cure-all solution
  • Emphasising the value exchange: How does your role as an accountant contribute to assisting your clients?

Tales of scale and growth

Another emerging trend throughout the programme dove into how accountant and advisors can use tech to grow and scale teams, with the help of smart technology. From offshoring staff to real-life examples of how one firm scaled their garage-based business into a mid-size firm in seven years.

On Day One, Fathom's very own Jess Miller and PEM Partner, Andy Turpin, packed out Knowledge Share #1. Where together, they delved into how PEM leverages Fathom to deliver high-impact advisory at scale, sparking conversations and igniting imaginations.  

If you missed any of the great sessions, you can access the full programme recordings by upgrading your ticket here.

Watch Fathom’s wrap up video

Throughout the show, we caught up with a host of expert attendees to pick their brains on industry trends, challenges, and their top tips for choosing winning apps. Watch the full wrap-up video.

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