Sample Reports
Foundry FitnessDownload Sample Report Icon
Foundry Fitness
A franchise benchmark report prepared by an advisory firm. Compares and benchmarks performance against other franchise locations.
Lumin Digital AgencyDownload Sample Report Icon
Lumin Digital Agency
A management report for a digital creative agency. This reports contains key financial metrics, client analysis, project performance, cash flow and cash flow forecast.
Green Eats CafeDownload Sample Report Icon
Green Eats Cafe
A performance report which includes everything a hospitality venue may track, includes detailed KPI and revenue analysis charts as well as cash flow forecast.
FlippyDownload Sample Report Icon
Management accounts prepared for a technology or SaaS company, includes a summary of key metrics and results, breakeven analysis, and a cash flow forecast.
FlossiraptorDownload Sample Report Icon
A monthly report for an allied health company. Includes an overview of key KPIs, a number of financial charts, detailed expenses, and financial statements.
JartanDownload Sample Report Icon
A consolidated financial report for a multi-entity retail and e-commerce company. This reports contains a KPI summary, KPI analysis, KPI results, profitability charts, and forecast roadmap.
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