Cash flow forecasting just got smarter

Take your forecasting experience to the next level. Stay up to date with intelligent predictions, or use drivers and formulas for advanced modelling.

Say hello to the future of three-way forecasting

Business Roadmap

Beautiful business planning

The Business Roadmap brings to life visual planning, driven by comprehensive financial modelling.


Clever modelling

Whether it’s hiring staff or purchasing an asset, Microforecasts make it easy to manage the financial impacts of your new initiative.

Complete auditability

Trust your numbers

Every figure can be audited in your cash flow forecast. Quickly drill down into your account movements to see exactly where your numbers came from.

Efficiency Gains

Lightning fast

Forget spending hours building forecasts that are soon out of date. Get started quickly with intelligent predictions from your latest financials, or use drivers & formulas for advanced modelling.


Plan for every possibility

Explore new Scenarios by quickly adjusting your main forecast, and use Microforecasts as building blocks to model what will happen, and when.

All the magic you expect from Fathom

Live forecasting

Never worry that your data is out of date. Forecasting pulls the numbers directly from the source accounting system each day. No more spreadsheets, no more manual data entry!

Integrated reporting

Forecasting is natively integrated with Fathom’s Reporting suite. Create your cash flow forecast, drop it into your report, and share.

Instant calculations

Forget waiting minutes for data to update after making a change. See how changes to your cash flow forecast impact your cash flow and bottom-line, instantly.


Build custom non-financial metrics or leading indicators that can be used to create custom formulas.


Combine custom drivers with chart of account line items, sub-totals, headings, or typed values to create powerful formulas.


Any further questions?

Does Fathom Forecasting use the direct or indirect method?

Fathom’s three-way forecasts use the indirect method, helping you with long-term planning (up to three years in the future). Fathom offers monthly, quarterly or annual forecasts (not daily or weekly).

Is Forecasting included in all subscriptions?

Forecasting is included in all Fathom subscriptions. Fathom is a monthly pay as you go service with no contracts. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Can I import/transfer my forecasts from Excel or other Forecasting products?

Yes. Fathom allows you to link any forecast to an existing budget that you have in Fathom. Simply upload your existing forecast as your Fathom budget, then use our link to budget function to get started.

How do I get started?

There are three ways to get started.

  1. Start from scratch and build a completely custom forecast.
  2. Fathom's Quick Start Forecast reads as much of your source accounting data as possible and quickly applies a linear regression to each account line, or;
  3. You can link your forecast to an existing budget that you have imported into Fathom.

Click here to read more about each of the options mentioned above.

Can I create more than one forecast, or build different scenarios?

In Fathom, you have one main forecast. Using your main forecast along with associated assumptions and Microforecasts, you can change timing rules and value rules to create custom Scenarios. This allows you to visualise the best case and worst case outcomes for the business.

Can I build forecasts for my consolidated group?

With Fathom Forecasting you can build forecasts at the individual company level, or at the consolidated group level. Each subsidiary forecast can be saved as a budget which can be aggregated to the consolidated level. You can then use this consolidated budget throughout Fathom's Analysis tools and Reports.

Can I invite others into Fathom to view my forecasts?

Yes. You can invite team members or stakeholders into Fathom with view only access. You can read more about our User Permissions here.

How can we compare our actual performance to our forecast?

Forecasting is fully integrated into Fathom Reporting. You can read more about our new table types here. To perform variance analysis between your actuals and forecast, you can save your forecast as a budget.

What customers are saying

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David Maher
Right Brain Insights

“What you have built here is absolutely world class. Incredibly powerful and incredibly valuable. It’s a real game-changer.”

Geni Whitehouse

“This is really cool stuff. I’m sure that CEOs would absolutely flip over this if we showed it to them. I mean, this is what we’re looking for.”

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“Very impressed. You’ve obviously done an awful lot of research, because you’ve just covered so many different angles.”