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How UHY Manchester spends more time with clients

How UHY Manchester spends more time with clients
UHY Hacker Young Manchester are part of the UHY Group and are specialists in cloud accounting with clients across hospitality, professional services and construction.
How UHY Manchester spends more time with clients
Accounting & Bookkeeping, Advisory services
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A large client base needed better reports

As one of the UK’s top 20 firms, UHY Manchester deals with a vast number of businesses across a broad range of sectors. Over the last few years, their cloud team have been transitioning clients to Xero and building out a supporting tech stack including apps such as Chaser and Receipt Bank. The challenge was to now add more value to new and existing clients by offering detailed management reporting, analysis and forecasting that went beyond a standard Xero report. Many clients wanted a deeper look into their numbers, as well as the ability to track things such as non-financial KPIs. Finally, with time at a premium and a large client base, generating reports needed to be swift, scalable and simple to do.

Helping businesses scale

The team tried Microsoft Excel which required them to go through and change all the dates and update the information every month. Not only did the results not look good but it also took a lot of time. Having used Fathom in several test cases since late 2018, UHY are now scaling their offering of Fathom reporting to small growing businesses that might not have an in-house finance function, but who want that advice to scale their businesses. Clients particularly love the visual aspect of the reports, as well as seeing non-financial KPIs. “We have clients in sectors like security management who need to record non-financial KPIs such as incidents every month,” says Ali Netherwood, Cloud Accounts Manager at UHY Manchester.
"Clients are getting a much better visual pack, with a front cover that looks more personalized to them."
Ali Netherwood

Saving time and helping clients

When it comes to offering management information, it’s not just the data: it’s what it means. The time saved – two to three hours a month per client – on producing the management pack means the UHY team can now have an hour-long meeting with the client to go through the data in detail. “That looks great to them, they're getting a new sort of pack that looks a million times better and they get an hour of our time each month as well to talk through the figures and numbers,” says Ali. The result is happier clients making better decisions about their businesses.

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