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How System Six found a scalable reporting solution

How System Six found a scalable reporting solution
System Six is a strategic bookkeeping service helping high-performance entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.
How System Six found a scalable reporting solution
Accounting & Bookkeeping, Advisory services
10-20 employees
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A reporting solution clients actually understand

As System Six grew, CEO and founder Jeremy Allen knew the team needed a robust reporting and analytic platform that was easy for clients to understand and action. Not only that, it needed to be easy to maintain and scalable as the firm grows. System Six works with busy entrepreneurs who need to drive their business forward with strategic and ambitious goals, any solution needed to dig deep into the financials and ask critical questions.

Scalable solution for a growing firm

Fathom's business insights and financial reports provide Jeremy with all of the tools he needs to answer his client's critical business questions. “One of the things we love about Fathom is it makes us look like data reporting heroes,” he says. What’s more it’s super scalable across the entire client base. “The report structure, the way it’s all laid out. It would take us hours to do that for each and every client” he adds. That time saved means more time to spend with clients, not just presenting and reviewing the data but actually planning actions and solutions to problems or highlighting opportunities to develop.
"Fathom takes complicated financial data and creates a visual reporting experience that’s meaningful and easy to understand for business owners"
Jeremy Allen

More meaningful advisory relationships

As the business scales to service over 100 clients, Fathom is easy to implement and is deeply customisable for clients in ways that are meaningful for them. With Fathom, Jeremy and the team can focus on creating a visual process of the necessary steps to improve business performance. Fathom automates business analytics, allowing Jeremy to prioritise his time on strengthening his client relationships and giving him the opportunity to deliver his true value as a business coach and trusted advisor. The result? Stronger, more meaningful advisory relationships.

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