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How Simple Startup expanded their advisory offering

How Simple Startup expanded their advisory offering
Simple Startup helps entrepreneurs simplify their finances, truly understand their numbers, and make smart, informed business decisions.
How Simple Startup expanded their advisory offering
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Expanding the offering to more entrepreneurs

Complying with GAAP rules is necessary for every entrepreneur, but it’s not what excites them. Simple Startup works with some of the most passionate business owners in the USA, and abroad, but find that many lack the financial literacy, strategic experience, and the time to make it past their initial launch to a level of stable profitability. Simple Startup was looking for a solution that could not only address this, but also allow them to scale their offering to more clients as well as offering deeper analysis such as benchmarking and scenario planning. Because they know that what does excite entrepreneurs, is gaining visibility and transparency into their business and seeing what the future holds.

Delivering insights that lead to success

Working with many Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses allowed Simple Startup to benchmark clients' performance in Fathom relevant to similar companies and sectors, as well as providing a more nuanced understanding of financial best practices. Being able to track non-financial KPIs was another bonus. Founder and CEO Lorne Noble and the team divided those into five categories; marketing, sales, operations, finance, customer success. “Because we pay attention to so many non-financial metrics, we designed a metric library that meets the needs of all the clients that we serve in each of our five core categories, and more often than not these are non-financial metrics,” says Lorne. “Together, we work to build the most optimal financial plan to grow and scale their company and reach their big hairy audacious goals!”
"Fathom makes integrating with accounting systems a breeze. It is also super intuitive not only in setting up our client accounts and customizing their reporting records but also in designing appropriate metrics for our client’s businesses."
Lorne Noble

Helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses

Fathom helped Lorne and the team expand their advisory insights to their clients not only in beautiful PDF reports but also during live, on-screen scenario planning sessions. Giving clients ‘viewer’ permissions to Fathom allows them to keep track of the patterns in their data and hence understand it – in their own time. “We have found that providing direct access has not undermined our value as trusted advisors but, in fact, enhanced it” says Lorne. The result is clients are now more intrigued, inquisitive, and interested, which means they ask better questions of our team, creating a more productive client-advisor relationship.

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