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How Shorts increased their fees with Fathom

How Shorts increased their fees with Fathom
Shorts combine deep expertise with the latest technologies to find new ways to make its clients’ businesses better and their personal finances stronger.
How Shorts increased their fees with Fathom
Accounting & Bookkeeping, Advisory services
50 – 100 employees
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Processes that didn't scale

For Shorts’ GENUS management accountants team, their existing reporting and analysis tool just wasn’t cutting it. They needed to deliver frequent and engaging management reporting services that helped firms understand their finances, spot dangers, and unlock their potential. But there was one problem: their original software was hindering, not helping achieve those goals. One of the platform’s principal problems was its inability to reliably link to the company’s accounting software, Xero. This meant the team was wasting a lot of time manually uploading data, including CSV files and fields from Excel.

Better reporting, happier clients

Shorts discovered Fathom at Xerocon and loved what they saw. It makes generating management reporting and business analytics easy and transforms clients’ accounting data into intelligible management information that drives actionable insights. And with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB integration at the click of a button, Shorts could track clients’ financial and non-financial KPIs, including profitability, cash flow and growth and know it was up to date. The ability to create or present professional reports and dashboards packed with easy-to-visualise data for their customers’ banks or management teams sealed the deal.
"Fathom is probably the easiest piece of software we’ve ever introduced. Its integration with our accounting software is so much more reliable than anything we’ve used before and we can do analysis, forecasting, reporting and benchmarking at the click of a button."
Malcolm Pope

Time saved is reinvested back into helping clients

Shorts had been desperate to regain some of the time they’d been losing, and Fathom immediately delivered. The GENUS team provides clients with monthly reporting packs to help them track performance. Thanks to Fathom, these are now created 1.5 hours faster than before. That’s a big deal because across the firm’s 80 clients, they’re saving up to five days of accountants’ time every month. Not only does this impact the bottom line, but it frees up staff to help clients more, or take on new ones. Fathom has even been driving new leads for Shorts too; with white labelled reports featuring their branding, their name sticks, and referrals come naturally.

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