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How Iridium Business Solutions saves hours with Fathom

How Iridium Business Solutions saves hours with Fathom
South Africa-based Iridium Business Solutions acts as a dedicated business partner for their clients offering detailed insights and advice that delivers success.
How Iridium Business Solutions saves hours with Fathom
Accounting & Bookkeeping, Advisory services
20 – 50 employees
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A growing client list needed complex advice

Several clients needed advisory servicess and analytics on complex non-financial data and KPIs, in addition to compliance and management accounts work. The team were spending too much time trying to wrangle complex financial data into charts and graphs using Excel and Google Suite. They reviewed several management reporting solutions, though most proved too inflexible or didn’t have the level of customisation and detail they and their clients needed. Not only that, but their clients needed a deeper understanding of their numbers and wanted to know what actions to take in easy to understand visuals.

Time saved is reinvested in smarter ways

Iridium has saved hours per client and reduced the potential for errors by moving to Fathom while providing more accessible reports for their clients. This time is then reinvested in spending more time working on strategies for clients. Because their clients are experts at running their own businesses, most don’t have a background in accounting. “Our clients are not going to take the P&L and do a graphical analysis and see their revenue trends,” says Iridium’s Director, Peter Magner.
"I've got clients who are now chasing me asking, ‘we've got a management meeting next week, can I have my Fathom report beforehand as I want to prepare for the meeting.’ So it's been well received by our clients."
Chay Stockdale

Actionable insights that empower clients

Moving to Fathom’s professional, best-in-class visuals means complex client data is legible, understandable and actionable. It’s also less prone to error and always up to date. “Now we just pull all that data in from Xero and do quite an easy trend analysis,” says Peter. Consequently, Fathom has become a key driver for guiding the business. Clients are freed up to think not about how to read their numbers, but about strategic options and outcomes. “The experience that we want for our clients and for our team is something that's intuitive, easy to use and beautiful. We give our clients Xero, which is beautiful accounting software, we want to give them beautiful reporting tools and offer insights to drive their business,” says Peter.

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