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Danbro Business Solutions streamlined their consolidation process.

Danbro Business Solutions streamlined their consolidation process.
Danbro Business Solutions helps its clients turn business dreams into tangible results by providing personal, cloud-based accounting solutions.
Danbro Business Solutions streamlined their consolidation process.
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Creating consolidated reports was a time-consuming process, prone to inaccuracies.

Prior to using Fathom, Danbro Business Solutions used Microsoft Excel to prepare their consolidated management accounts. This involved exporting trial balances manually from QuickBooks, dropping them into an Excel sheet that prepared all the management accounts, including benchmarks. It was a time consuming process, with the end result not exactly up-to-date. Neil and the team figured there must be an easier solution.

Fathom has streamlined the consolidation reporting process.

After researching options, Danbro Business Solutions adopted Fathom into their tech stack and currently uses Fathom for all franchise clients. “The process has definitely been streamlined since we turned to Fathom,” says Neil. “The team provides individual franchisee reporting, consolidated reporting and benchmarking, while also using KPI reporting for the non-financial data, such as average order value.” Combined with a streamlined process to easily provide professional material to clients, Danbro Business has found their Fathom experience itself a welcome change from the usual teething issues often experienced in adopting a new platform or tool.
“What really stood out was the quality of the support. We’re so pleased we chose Fathom!”
Neil Ormesher

It’s easy to provide accurate, timely, professional-grade reports and insights.

Neil says the team at Danbro Business Solutions is able to provide market-leading service in just a fraction of the time that it used to take. “With Fathom, we can provide information we feel other accountants cannot and can do so in a professional way,” explains Neil. “Plus, preparing management accounts within days of a period end is much more achievable.” With time and effort being saved through their adoption of Fathom, the Danbro Business SME team is free to continue growing their franchisor and franchisee client base. As they expand, the Danbro Business operations team will be focusing on bringing in new platforms to continually improve efficiencies, enabling the business to become a national leader in digital technology in the UK franchise accounting space.
“To us, accountancy is about more than number crunching, It’s about developing great relationships, overcoming obstacles, providing tangible solutions, and enabling people and businesses to achieve their goals.”
Neil Ormesher

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