About Us

Fathom is an award-winning team of designers, developers and business analysts. We’re primarily based in Brisbane, Australia - but we help advisers and business owners from all over the world with their reporting needs.

We’re a people company, focused on helping people to make better business decisions. Oh, and we also build really great analysis and reporting tools.

Starting as a collaboration between Daniel Walls, Geoff Cook and David Watson, Fathom has since expanded both its systems and team as we strive to provide you with exactly what you need - easy to use and insightful performance analysis and reports.

Our aim is to create beautiful and usable tools which provide insight and understanding. Whether you call it business intelligence, performance management, or analytics … the goal of Fathom is the same: to help you understand what’s happening in your business, and how to take action when needed.

The co-founders of Fathom first started working together in the playground sandpit over 30 years ago (it’s a great story, ask us about it sometime).

We are currently hiring.

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Meet the team behind Fathom

Daniel Walls

Director and Co-Founder

David Watson

Director and Co-Founder

Geoff Cook

Director and Co-Founder

Madeline Reeves

Director of Business Development (US)

Andrew Jordon

Director of Business Development (UK)

James Erving

Partner Development Consultant

Ethan Cooney

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Laura Van Doore

Head of Product Design

Alex Wunderlich

Senior Product Specialist

Millicent Flynn

Marketing and Customer Success

Andrew Courtice

Lead Front End Developer

Samantha McGanney

Customer Engagement Manager

James Lin

Partner Success Specialist

Rowan Eister

Partner Development Consultant

Ben Collins

Front End Developer

Bree Playel

Designer and Front End Developer

Jacob Hodges

DevOps Engineer

Candi Laidely

Software Engineer

Rob Moura

Junior Front End Developer

Kim Patterson

QA Test Analyst / Business Analyst

Chris Giovine

Digital Marketing Manager

Mal Cartwright

API Developer

Greg Walker

Software Architect

Hari Van

Software Engineer

Georgie Pollok

Marketing and Communications Manager

One of the questions we get asked often is, “So...where did the name 'Fathom' come from?”

The word ‘Fathom’ (fa-[th]&m) means: “to gain a greater understanding, to comprehend, figure out, grasp, plumb, gauge, and "to get to the bottom of”… We think this sums up well what Fathom is all about.

Contact Address

If you'd like to drop by and say Hello, Fathom's office is located at:

Unit 2, Level 1
55 Old Northern Road
Albany Creek QLD 4035