Track business performance
at a glance

Comprehensive financial intelligence, performance reporting,
dashboards and consolidations.

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Turn your accounting data into accounting intelligence

Fathom integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB & Excel data to provide insightful, beautiful reports & dashboards.

Fathom Integrations

Business insights, like
never before

Metrics and insights for informed decision making.

KPIs & Metrics

Measure and monitor the metrics which matter most to your business.


Forget boring spreadsheets. Get insights at a glance.

Divisional Analysis

Track and monitor the performance of each business unit.


Track and monitor the performance of a group of related companies.

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Beautiful reporting
starts here

Craft captivating, insightful and customised reports in double-quick time.

Custom reports

Craft reports with flexibility and complete design control.


Choose from a range of
ready-to-use charts, graphs and visualisations.


Tailor the presentation of your data using tables and financial statements.

Scheduled reports

Schedule the creation and issue of timely reports.

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Plan for every possibility

Take your forecasting experience to the next level.

Business Roadmap

Understand the financial impact of your plans, know which decisions to make, and when to take action.


Model specific business events without having to rebuild your forecast.


Explore new Scenarios by quickly adjusting your main forecast, and use Microforecasts as building blocks to model what will happen, and when.

Drivers & Formulas

Build custom non-financial metrics or leading indicators. Combine these with chart of account line items, sub-totals, headings, or typed values to create powerful formulas.

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  • “It's a no-brainer. Fathom makes it easy to provide clear, concise and beautiful analytics and reports to your clients. The time to build this out yourself would be incredible. Just download it. You'll understand why it's a must for any accountant working with clients.”


    Helina Patience, CEO, Entreflow Consulting Group, Canada

  • “We find Fathom invaluable for our medium sized companies, particularly explaining variances to budget and setting out cash flow in an easy to understand manner. It is very easy to use and offers enormous flexibility in reporting. It's a first rate product.”


    Angus Ogilvie, CEO, Generate Accounting, New Zealand

  • “Our firm relies on Fathom to drive conversations with clients. We customise KPIs for each client based on their industry, size and goals, and then analyse them monthly to make better business decisions.”


    Meredith Ebenhoeh, Partner, Accountfully, United States

  • “Fathom is like your favourite ice cream – mine is the salted caramel variety. Always have it and we don’t need to look at other varieties. It works beautifully with Xero and forms part of our unique app stack that clients love.”


    Rashesh Joshi, Co-Founder, Alexander Rosse, United Kingdom

  • “I've been using Fathom for about four years and absolutely love it – best reporting tool that I have used and brilliant for really insightful, professional and easy board reports.”


    Jane Aylwin, Senior Business Manager, Z group, United Kingdom

  • “Fathom’s KPI reporting has revolutionised our weekly business meeting with easy to read reporting and trend analysis that highlight areas for us to focus on.”


    Lynne Tyquin, CFO, Spicers Resorts, Australia

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