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Xero + Fathom = Reporting Awesomeness!

Turn your Xero data into visual performance reports and presentations

What is Fathom?

Fathom is an easy to use, management reporting and financial analysis tool which helps you to assess performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Fathom is designed for accountants who are seeking to deliver more frequent and more engaging advisory and reporting services. Fathom is also useful for management who wish to make better decisions and improve company performance. Fathom also enables franchisors to benchmark and compare the performance of franchisees.

What is Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

  • It’s all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile.
  • Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in real-time.
  • Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your up-to-date numbers.
  • Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.

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Learn how Fathom can help you:


Fathom offers a comprehensive framework for performance analysis – tools which help you to achieve substantial performance improvements.


Fathom assists you to create and deliver insightful management reports - and do so with exceptional efficiency!


Using Fathom you can define your own KPIs (or select from a range of recommended KPIs) and then monitor performance against targets.


Fathom helps you to see the big picture - compare, rank and benchmark all your companies/clients/franchisees.

Analysis Tools:

Fathom provides you with a comprehensive framework of analysis tools, which include:

  • Financial KPI analysis
  • Non-financial KPI analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Cash Flow analysis
  • Growth Analysis
  • Goalseek / 'What-if' analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Comparative & Benchmarking

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup:

    Import your accounting data, categorise your accounts in a few clicks, and then immediately view an analysis.

  • Seamless integration with any accounting systems:

    One-click importing from MYOB & Xero; or import data from any accounting system via Excel.

  • Comprehensive analysis:

    Fathom helps you focus on the financial & non-financial metrics that matter most. Choose from 80+ KPIs. Or create your own custom metrics.

  • Supports collaboration with management or clients:

    Fathom supports discussions and enables decisions. By sharing access to Fathom, advisors can proactively engage with their clients.

  • Consolidated reporting:

    Fathom enables you to group your related companies together to easily create reports for a consolidated group.

  • Secure & Reliable:

    Fathom is hosted at Rackspace. When accessing Fathom, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to keep your data safe.

  • Customisable:

    Customise presentations and reports with your own logo.

Benefits for management:

  • Track, understand, and improve KPIs
  • Improve management oversight & decision making
  • Achieve optimal business results
  • Generate greater shareholder returns

Benefits for advisors:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Proactively engage your clients
  • Efficiently create performance focused reports
  • Win new clients

Benefits for franchises:

  • Compare performance of franchisees
  • Identify high performers and best practices
  • Enable more frequent & more accurate benchmarking
  • Increase benchmark participation
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