Fathom Group Onboarding Webinar

Every Wednesday, 11am AEST


In this live webinar, we will provide a guided overview of Fathom, it's key features and how can use them to help make better decisions for your business

After the overview, we'll have a short Q&A to answer any specific questions that you may have.


In this series, you'll learn

  • Create insightful management reports
  • Track, monitor and improve business performance
  • Use the Fathom analysis tools (Profitability, Cash Flow, Growth, Goalseek and more)
  • Benchmark performance against peers

About your presenters

Romina Rubera

Romina is a Customer Engagement Specialist at Fathom and helps clients understand how Fathom best fits their company tech stack while educating them about different features of Fathom. She is the best person to go to if you have any product related questions!