Fathom Deep Dive: Forecasting

Every Thursday, 10am PDT


This webinar is intended to take you through customizing and tailoring your Fathom forecast to fit your business, using your forecast to plan out and visualize different business decisions, and reporting on your forecast in a custom Fathom report.
Dive into our newest product release, and learn how to customize and tailor Fathom's forecast to fit your business goals. We'll help you plan and visualize different business decisions and leverage forecasting in your management reports.


In this webinar you'll learn

  • Creating a forecast quickly and accurately
  • Using the forecast to plan for strategic business events and scenarios
  • Reporting on a Fathom forecast

About your presenters

Calen Olsen

Calen investigates complex technical questions and support issues from Fathom users. She also ensures the Help Centre is kept update to date so it remains accurate as product updates are released. If you've hopped on a support call with her in the past, you may have met her cat, Corduroy.